Asphalt repairs are underway on eastbound Bailey Road, just west of Woodlands Boulevard. One lane will be temporarily closed for the duration of this project, which is expected to wrap up by the end of the week. 

What caused the road damage? The road damage is a result of a City owned 12” water main break within the Bailey Road ROW.  The water main was repaired, and the road was temporarily restored within one day, allowing normal operations to proceed.  However, as a result of the water pressure under the pavement, there was some delamination that took place in the area near the break, requiring more extensive restoration work including removing a large section of asphalt, reworking the lime rock, repaving, and re-striping.  As this is a Broward County ROW, the City has been working closely with Broward County staff to complete all necessary repairs. 

How long will residents expect that road repairs will take? Weather permitting, repairs should be completed by the end of the week.

Cost of the repairs? The cost of the permanent repair is $72,305.00.  This item was approved by City Commission at the April 26, 2023, regular Commission Meeting.  

What company is contracted to repair the road? Staff obtained three quotes to complete this work.  This restoration work was awarded to 3-D Paving at the April 26, 2023, meeting, the lowest responsive/responsible bidder.

Why did repairs take so long to start? The permanent restoration work took so long to start due to Broward County’s extensive permitting process.  Although, this project includes standard asphalt restoration work, Broward County required design plans to complete the permitting process.  Design plans were prepared by the City’s Engineering staff and forwarded to Public Services Operations for permitting through Broward County’s Highway Construction and Engineering Division.

—Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton